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Saurabh Verma

World's Richest Man How Asked Wife for Date: Sweet Love Story of Bill Gates and Melinda Gates

Saurabh Verma Quality assurance analyst in coca cola company
Bill gates is the Richest Man In the world. But He faced too difficulties when asking him about the girlfriend for special date.


on the occasion of 60th birthday of bill gates, his wife decided to give him a sweet memory from their treasure.  yes none other than bill gates and his lady love was his wife Melinda gates. his lovely wife while wishing his husband on his birthday on oct 28th, remind the day when he had asked for her date.

Mrs Gates wrote, " when bill first asked me out, he said, ' i was thinking maybe we could go out two weeks from tonight". but Bill gates however failed to impress his wife who thought that his way of approaching her was not "spontaneous".

Recalling the sweet memory. Mrs Gates wrote. "He called me an hour later to suggest we get together that night. He asked: ' is that spontaneous enough for you?"

She also wrote' "Bill after two amazing decades together, your humor, drive intelligence, curiosity, thoughtfulness are as wonderful as ever," she said on Facebook adding, "on land, at sea, and everywhere in between, i am glad you are by my side

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