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Jay Viradiya

O-phone: A Smart-phone Gadget for Social network of Essence

Jay Viradiya
Until now, none of the technology division had developed a device that could identify and transmit smell, not even Robots or Hu-bots! But a Professor of Biomedical Engineering-David Edward with his team of students from Harvard University has developed a phone that can identify, differentiate and transmit the good and bad essence. Furthermore it can develop odors on its own through the text typed.

Can you imagine the social network of smell where friends can transmit essence via internet or cellular network? O-phone is the Smartphone that can read and transmit essence to other O-phones via internet which means O-phone can smell and send chocolate, coffee, perfumes and more essence to improve and transform the conversation experience.Ophone-Essence-Gadget.

This Smartphone device is known for its ease of use though conclusions are critical in terms of portability due to its size. Moreover this device can be connected to Bluetooth based smart accessories to type messages with an extra feature where smells of essence related words typed-can be automatically identified by O-phone.

Evidently, sending emanations to each other may be a superior approach to communicate emotions than utilizing essential emotional words, as it removes obstruction. The O-phone site discusses a global communicational world where smells are a moving motion of friendship. However few individuals might confuse the general importance behind the scent of roses.

This whole matter was initiated from Le Laboratories which is a contemporary craftsmanship and outline focus in Paris, where creativity test’s “at outskirts of science” are drifted, and out of this had come a virtual espresso bar serving up an arrangement of bean-based trials including receptacles and smoldering vapors and tubes.

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