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Alexandra Hart

Beware of Dating Sites, what they say about themselves is often false.

Alexandra Hart
 being divorced and finding some one that will be a good fit, I have turned to dating sites....I can't believe how gullible some of us are, Including me.  I became involved with a man named Brian T Moeller who lives in Depew,NY.  One of my biggest mistakes. He misled me for months, as we traveled together, told me he loved me and was in this relationship for the long haul , so I let him continue to take me out to have suppers and ice cream and all the things women like to do with their guy.  He made me laugh constantly and knew how to give me just the right amount of concern for the things in my life.  He then decides it;s time to move on with no warning to me and would not return any calls or messages.  It was totally heartbreaking.  Come to find out, I am one in a long line of women to whom he has done this.  Ladies, don't jump into anything, no matter how much they seem to be your knight in shinning armor, I'm not saying all guys on these sites are bad, but, boy they really are looking for one thing! When it's gets too uncomfortable, they will drop you and move on the next day.....
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