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Doug Cannan

Social Security & Medicare debacle

Doug Cannan

I don't usually post anything on social media, however I am doggone mad, and something needs to be done. Our "Government" just told us seniors, that we will not be getting a "cost of living" increase for 2016. (This has happened for the last three out of four years). If that wasn't bad enough, our "Government has also saw fit to increase our Medicare payments, by as much as 60%. What a punch in the gut.
I therefore propose that we taxpayers INSIST that no member of Congress get any type of financial increase, or special incentive perks in bonuses, vacations, or retirement benefits. If we must suffer, then they should also. (How fast do you think our COLA would be approved, or our Medicare not be increased?)
If anyone agrees with me, please pass this on, and let Congress Know that "enough is enough".
I remain,
Doug Cannan

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