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Deepak Sagar

Benefit's of 15 minutes walking after dinner .

Deepak Sagar

Aids digestion The process of digestion is initiated soon after a person has consumed his meals. The gastric juices and enzymes responsible for digestion are stimulated in the mean time. However, if a person walks after eating his dinner, the process of gastric emptying of the meal is acceleratedleading to better digestion. This is turn, prevents various stomach complications such as acidity orindigestion that people usually complain after having their meals.

Boosts metabolis Apart from caloric intake and pattern of eating, leading an active physical life is one of the key reasons to boost metabolism. Hence, people are advised to go for a walk after having their dinner as it stimulates the metabolic process and influences the functioning of other organs in the body.

Induces sleep The habit of going to bed after having dinner is definitely not good for health. However, a few minutes of walking in the lawn or in your house can do wonders to your health. It not only improves the blood circulation in the body but also relieves stress. This is the reason, why people walking around 100 steps after dinner enjoy a good night’s sleep.

Improves blood circulation A 15-minute walk after eating your dinner not only lowers blood levels of fat (triglycerides and cholesterol) but also enhances blood circulation to various parts of the body. 

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