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What Are The Different Types Of Outdoor Signage Options in Kansas City?


Your outdoor sign plays a crucial role in the branding venture of your business. A signage manufacturer in Kansas City offers you a choice from a great gallery of different outdoor signage solutions. The post below is a review on the varying range of outdoor signage options available today.

3-D Signs

These are one of the latest forms of outdoor signage solutions and are hugely favored given their trendy realistic outlook. A company with the modern 3-D signage also commands aspiration from the people on street, subtly nudging them to enter inside with the hope of latest goodies from a trendy store. These full-dimensional shapes are sculpted out from foam which are further coated in painted hard shell or fiberglass. The bigger 3D signage options are usually processed with metal skeleton to accommodate lighting & other related options to ensure easy visibility

Outrageous Traffic Stopping Sign

These are not exactly the usual sign-boards but exclusive outrageous & huge artistic displays that skillfully convey the message of your brand, pulling in “AWE” from the people passing by. It could mean a big salad bowl before a salad bar or a huge pretty stiletto before a shoe-store. There is always a fun factor attached to these kinds of larger-than-life displays that adds on an exclusive leverage to these kind of signs.

Pylon Signs

These are tall big signs that could be viewed from a good distance. Gas stations, hotels & restaurants along freeways or highways generally take to pylon signs. These signs are used to advertise one single business or a series of businesses on a row.

Pole Signs

These are same as Pylon signs but are especially meant for one single sign attached to a pole.

Blade Signs

Also known as projecting signs, the blade signs are generally mounted perpendicular to a wall of a building. These signs help the pedestrians to find out entrance to the business from sidewalk. They could have lighting or not.

Wall Signs

A sign business in Kansas City can offer wall signs in different sizes and shapes. Some of them come as individual letters while some are flat simple designs. Many of them can come in lighted sign-boxes. You can have your wall sign lit up from within or behind.


These are basically signage design over a canvas mounted over a solid frame and are hoisted just above the main door of the shop.

The article here explains about the types outdoor signs in Kansas City that can make a powerful advertising option. Read more now

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