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Think Before You Plan for Outdoor Signs


Are you about to open up your new store in Kansas City and looking for ideas on a fitting outdoor sign? Well, the exterior sign is the primary fact that the pedestrians would notice about you and it's like your first representative to the niche on the road. Thus, you have to be really careful about the signage appearance so that it can represent your brand at its best light. The post below offers some expert tips while you are contemplating over outdoor signs Kansas City.

To start with, you must have the bare minimal textual details on your outdoor signs. It would need just the logo & name of your brand; you might or might not include the tagline. There is no need to crowd up the small space with overwhelming textual details. You have to be crisp and not elaborate. The pedestrians and passers-by in vehicles are ready to invest no more than a few seconds in one sign.

Make sure that your signage is easily visible from moving vehicles both during day & night. According to a leading sign company Kansas City, you should use bright shades and big fonts for the outdoor signs. However, be careful not to be loud.

You should also use industry-appropriate fonts on the signage. For example, a store for baby products will always have a candid cute font compared to the formal signage for an educational institution.

Be careful about the “First Read” factor here. It refers to the first thought that you would like your audience to have regarding your sign. It refers to the focal point on your signage which carries the main branding message and must be highlighted with care. The focal point of a signage is usually the logo or name of the company.

It's important to stress here that colors and shades used on your signage plays a crucial part in determining its advertisement value. It's good to use contrasting tones to assure good readability for the passers-by. For example, black & yellow make a wonderful combo given the high visibility quotient while blue & green together do not convey much readability, especially from moving vehicles at a distance. Then, if you are planning to use a series of shades in your logo, it is smart to avoid multi-colored text lines as otherwise the sign would end up with a conflict of colors and an undesired jumbled appearance.

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