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Jansen Smith

TAP Into True Online Potential! Get Started Today For Free. Start Getting Signups & Earn Money Every Hour!

Jansen Smith Website Owner
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Good Friday from TrafficAdPays, hoping you have a great weekend :)

How many online websites have you joined in the last year? How many of those websites were a waste of time and more importantly money for you? Your probably like the rest and say more than half of those websites were a waste of time and money.  We all get lured into the hype and promises these programs present to attract and lure members in at the start, and after these programs launch all promises are broken.

At TrafficAdPays were taking a totally different route. Were not going to exaggerate numbers or give you a bogus sales pitch to take your money. Here are the facts and plans TrafficAdPays has to offer.....

1.) We have a huge array of advertising products, such as solo ads, banner ads, text ads, ptc ads, login ads, surfbar ads, and much more.  We guarantee our members traffic, and with the quality of our member base expect to see leads in return. The members on TrafficAdPays are always seeking new opportunities, services, and products. Our members are always looking at ads for that reason. Most websites have no results because the members on those websites, simply hate ads, and even hearing the word, they could care less. Its not like that with TAPS.

2.) Our most popular advertising package cost $49.99. This package comes with 2,000 advertising credits and PTC ads, to start as many campaigns as you wish. Remember all ads are auto approved so their is no waiting games to get your ad started. The bonus for using our services is we will reward you with earnings every hour on all your active advertising packages, with no effort involved. Our earnings are based on total advertising revenue that is coming in daily.  Please note their is no guarantee as earnings are based solely on revenue coming in from members from advertising packages.  This should come to no surprise as no online program can actually put a guarantee on something.

3.) Members can place a withdraw anytime they want as long as their balance is over $10.00. We currently have no limits for the maximum amount you can withdraw! Even better is we have no withdraw fees. You won't find to many other programs out their this spectacular!  You got to also remember we don't have a repurchase balance. So literally every penny is YOURS!

4.) You not wanting to add funds, but want to participate in TrafficAdPays?? THATS FINE! You can become a sponsor and earn 10% commissions on all purchases from your referrals. Besides that you can earn money simply clicking on ads or signing up with our Paid To Signup campaigns! 

Are you just looking to advertise? Thats perfectly fine too.  Any banner ads you click on the website you earn 5 credits. So click on 20 banner ads you receive 100 credits to advertise your own advertising campaign.

Overall were wanting to create a loyal, honest, long term stability program and provide an enjoyable experience for all.  If you haven't checked us out, please feel free to do so. Its 100% free to join. Their is no memberships.  If your looking to fund we offer instant funding with Paypal, Payza, SolidTrustPay, and CoinPayments.

Have an amazing weekend,



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