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Why Consider Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy


To understand the need for Bioidentical Hormone Replacement therapy in Kansas City and the advantages it offers. First, one must understand the reasons behind the creation of this.

Menopause: Women, when they are in the age of 45 to 55 years go through a phase which is medically termed as Menopause. This is when the menstrual periods end and women can no longer bear children. This happens due to various reasons like decline in creation of hormones in the ovaries or absence of vaginal bleeding for almost a year or in those who had their uterus removed by surgery. Women who have menopause have the following symptoms and more:

1. Hot Flashes: This is a term used to explain the unexpected sense of heat that is felt inside the body. This is usually felt for about 10 seconds to 10 minutes and can be pretty painful

2. Dry Vagina and severe pain surrounding that region while intercourse

3. Urinary Tract Infections is common during this phase

4. Because of the changes in the production of the hormones in the body, women might feel depressed as well as experience mood swings

Hormone Replacement Kansas City: To provide relief from menopause, in 1930’s, James Collip, a scientist from Canada has pioneered in extracting active estrogen from the urine sample collected from the pregnant women and he marketed the product as Emenin. However, in 2002, intake of both Estrogen/Progestin were considered harmful and many doctors stopped prescribing it, as the risks of getting effected by Breast Cancer, Blood Clots and Heart ailments including stroke were pretty high.

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy Work: Compounds which have similar chemical and the molecular structure as that of the hormones created in the human body are called Bioidentical Hormones. Therapy starts first, with the collection of the women’s saliva sample and it is examined to identify the “deficiencies”. After a proper analysis, the therapist will recommend combination of certain hormones to be taken in order to clear the “deficiencies”. A compounding pharmacy will extract the specified hormones, as prescribed by the therapist from Mexican yam or from the soy etc. Since this is extracted from plants or animals, it is considered “Natural”. The prescription changes from time to time, as the hormone levels alter and those that are in deficiency are balanced after each examination.

FDA approved bio-identical hormones can be very helpful in relieving women from the menopausal symptoms and can also make them feel young as some women claim. Know more about hormone replacement in Kansas City right here.

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