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All about Barbecue Restaurants in Kansas

Kansas City food : In 2009, an article written by a Travel Editor, Peter Greenburg, who is currently working for CBS News for Newsmax Magazine named Kansas City as one among the Top 25 peculiar American Cities, and the reason he has selected Kansas in the list is because of the distinctive Barbecues it offers. Kansas City is most widely known for its steak as well as the barbecue. When the Kansas City Stockyards was at its prime, Kansas City steaks or most commonly known as the Kansas City strip steaks, were quite famous in the city. Golden Ox is the most popular steakhouses, it is located near the Live Stock Exchange of the Kansas City. Jess & Jim's Steakhouse, which was established in the year 1938, in the vicinity of Martin City is also quite popular for the variety of steaks that it offers.

The Strip cut of steak that is available in Kansas City is comparable to the Strip cut that is available in New York City. Kansas and few other cities in the same vicinity, which includes cities of North and South Carolina, Texas and Memphis, are acclaimed as the "world capital of barbecue." There are countless Barbeque restaurants in Kansas City that are operating. During fall, The American Royal conducts the biggest barbecue contest in the World. Kansas City-style barbecue which is found almost anywhere in the city is considered as classic and has been created by Henry Perry’s who is known as the father of the “Kansas City Barbeque” Since the time Perry’s restaurant is taken over by Arthur Bryant, the recipe has become a bit sweeter, with the addition of molasses in the list. One of the cooks of the Perry’s also opened a restaurant named “Gates and Sons Bar-B-Q” in 1946 and their recipe has an increased quantity of molasses. The Bryant's and “Gates and Sons Bar-B-Q” are the two most prominent barbecue restaurants in Kansas City. Because of the popularity they have gained over the many years, they are slowly expanding their food chains beyond Kansas.

James Beard Foundation awards which was founded in 1990, is also known as the “Oscar of Food”, yearly, awards cooks and restaurants that have excelled in cooking. Some of the restaurants in Kansas City have won or were nominated for the James Beard Awards.

You can now watch videos on restaurants in Kansas city to find the best place to drink and dine in the city as a family or with friends.
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