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Lou Alloro

Why water seeps into your basement

Lou Alloro Owner

There are many different ways water can seep into your basement, and unfortunately, a wet basement is not a one time occurrence. Homes prone to water damage and moisture will require a permanent waterproofing system to prevent water once and for all.

Common reasons why water enters your basement:

1. High ground water: The most common problem that happens as a result of increasing ground water levels in the soil that raises the water table, thereby causing seepage into the basement. Melting snow, heavy rains etc. can amplify this issue very quickly.

2. Surface water: Heavy rains can be devastating as they penetrate through the cracks or defects in your walls and foundation.

3. Condensation: This usually happens when very hot air from outside comes in touch with the very cold basements creating moisture.

Water enters your basement because hydro-static pressure, which exists inside the soil, when the water table increases. As a result, water tries to leak inside through the cracks that are formed on the foundation or through the cracks on the wall joints. Hence, NJ waterproofing is a crucial step in identifying and arresting these entry points in order to secure the structure.

How to survey your basement to identify if there is excessive moisture that is causing condensation on your walls:

a. Are your basement windows properly sealed?

b. Is there an increase in the humidity levels in your basement? Humidity levels above 50% can cause the moisture in the air to run down the walls.

c. Do you have a poor drainage system? Poor drainage systems, installed outside your home, can be a cause of water seepage.

d. Is there mold forming in your basement? High humidity and moisture levels are the perfect breeding ground for mold. Unnoticed mold can not only affect your home but also your family’s health. Symptoms such as itchy eyes, sneezing and asthma attacks and can become severe.

Prevent water in your basement once and for all with the trust professional NJ waterproofing help from the experts.

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