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How To Promote Crowdfunding Campaign


Crowdfunding doesn’t just involve shouting from the rooftops to promote your billion dollar idea. If you are running a campaign that requires the financial assistance from your kin, friends and the public, it will require dedicated efforts and time before, during and post the crowdfunding campaign, in order for it to take effect.

Although it may seem easy to initiate your crowdfunding with forums like ‘Kickstarter’ or other crowdfunding sites, it will be beneficial to look at these statistics first. 12% of projects on crowdfunding sites don’t receive pledges and less than half of the projects on these sites have seen conclusive success.

Hence, no matter how remarkable your service or product, you are going to have to promote your campaign and streamline your efforts in a number of other ways apart from solely depending on crowdfunding sites. Here’s how you can promote crowdfunding campaign:-

Create A Page

Using Wordpress or other forums to create website about your campaign will be a good way to begin. Share everything you need to share about your product/service, use engaging blog content, add a countdown to the launch date, infographics, a deadline to subscribe with you and a relevant press release. You will most likely hit your funding goals in no time if you have created an interesting landing page for your prospective backers.

Attract Potential Backers On Social Media

Start by talking about funding your campaign and promoting it within your kith and kin. Once you have built a solid base with your own family and friends, you could ask them to spread the word on their own social media circles and get them to share the link of your campaign on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other sites. This way, you will be increasing the chances of word-of-mouth about your campaign and will receive the support you need from highly engaged audiences.

Use Technology

Use technology to gauge who your supporters are. This will help you channelize your promotional efforts in the right direction. Use online tools to determine your project activity and relevant data to maximize success. Tools such as Google Analytics, YouTube, MailChimp, Wunderlist and are great platforms to promote your crowdfunding campaign and guarantees a wide reach.

Offer Tangible Value In Return

Asking the crowd for financial contributions is not something that will come easy. Sure, you may have one or two benevolent backers who will be impressed and support your campaign based on its idea, but most of them may or may not and will expect some sort of benefit in the end. You could reward them with freebies or goods for a limited period for having raised capital for you.

Before you start promoting your crowdfunding campaign you need to have the ‘visibility’ for your campaign. To get there, you could employ one of the many options given above and also take help from sites such as Hurry!

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