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Don A Taylor

First President of P.P.F.A. Don A Taylor explains how a good idea was destroyed by self centered people.

Don A Taylor
Year was 1969 and 29year old Don A Taylor had been in business for 9 years in Sacramento CA.  His small company was Taylor's Art Center which had just expanded to triple it's old size and he was over his head.  His friend Bill Korn President of the largest wholesale moulding company in the US, at the time (Victor Moulding Co. of Oakland), invited Don and 5 others to meet to discuss his idea of starting an association for framers.  It was the first time framers had met together let alone talked about sharing.  Up to this time no one  in the trade shared information and coveted their their own businesses and their knowledge.   Most businesses were family owned and sometimes passed down, but never shared.  Bill thought we should open up the trade to new ideas and procedures it would benefit the industry.  Bill invited Don to speak at his seminar he was sponsoring at Victor.  He wanted Don to speak on Gold Leafing, a subject which was very secret.  Don knowing only what he had been taught in a class by Louie Dela Pina in San Francisco, a short time before,was glad to share what he knew.  The turn out was large and everyone was glad to hear the speakers.  Don was approached by an older gentlemen and complimented on his presentation and told that he knew very little but, the gentlemen was impressed that Don was bold enough to share.   it was at this gathering the idea was first presented with others about an association for framers P.P.F.A.  Shortly after that the 6 framers elected Don to be President, Dale Provence of Omni Moulding of Monterey to be Vice President and Lloyd Hightower of Prints Ect of San Francisco to be Treasuer.  The others were Rick Benson of the Picture Frame in Walnut Creek, Jack Grimes of Accent Arts San Mateo, and of coarse Bill Korn of Victor Moulding Co.

The board decided after that successful Victor event we needed to have a P.P.F.A. convention to educate, instruct, and inform framers.  We also started local chapters with local officers in their area P.P.F.A. was born.  Don was the President and Convention Chairman for this event, which drew over 300 dealers from across the nation.  P.P.F.A was off and running.  Three years later Bill Keeton of Jackson, MS was President,  his goal was to go International.  We were growing very fast.  After only a few years an office was opened in Richmond, VA, the first Exeuctive Director was hired, Herb Clegg.  P.P.F.A. was now representing over 9000 dealers worldwide.

New products and methods were invented and first shown at our National Conventions, which were held around the country.  P.P.F.A. worked hand in hand with 2 national Ppublications to promote the conventions and new methods and sources.  We also worked very close with national museums across the country to set standards for the industry.  Standards resulted in a guild for framers with testing and a PFM level for all to strive for.  P.P.F.A. became the industry standard for all new inventions, products, and testing.  During those years the industry grew greatly and new stores opened at a rate never seen before.  After many years of growth the board decided to merge with PMA a photography association out of MN.  That was the end of growth for P.P.F.A. for it removed the average member from the picture.  Membership dropped, conventions dropped, and influence of the industry with it.  P.P.F.A. today is very small and not member driven.  Perhaps someday someone will remember why we started it and will return to our roots.  "You become what you think about", P.P.F.A. forgot that!   Don A Taylor

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