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Andy Smith

SEO | Leveraging Content Marketing 3 easy Steps

Andy Smith
Doing a Case study and some implementations of each site maintained : (

•Steps Done
► Check Traffic
► Social Media Engagement
► Outreach

1.) Checking Traffic
-You need to check 1st your content keywords traffic and volume of searchers.
You can actually use :

2.) Social Media Engagement
-Sharing your content on social media. For huge visitors and traffic might be. If there is a traction (e,i. Likes, comments and shares) then involve it on paid campaign.
And actually depends on the location you were targeting in. Based on the traffic

3.) Outreaching people within your niche.
-By means of email, chats or phone.

TIPS : Don't ever try to tell them about links. Linkers know actually what they want and needs.

See image below for Checking traffic...
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