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health and fitness books


Attempts to combine medical and social services will be conducted to an extent that has not been tested yet, under a unified set of positive incentive structures for the lowest effective level of care while simultaneously optimizing quality motives. health and fitness books

Socio-Health Organization is open to anyone with an interest in improving the condition of patients, and who sees the power in one overall holistic approach. A key part of the strategy is to maximize home treatment, which is often better and cheaper than hospital care for patients. will through press releases, through its own journal, the website through emails to members, organization of workshops, seminars and conference participation publicize solutions that are better for patients and cheaper for payers.

For example, mobile units supporting home treatment for common conditions bring many benefits to patients (they avoid hospital infections, communication and coordination failures between departments and have the benefit of the family and/or neighbors' help) and save costs. Coordinated contributions from the social system will help make this possible. Preliminary estimates suggest that up to 60% - 70% of the cost can be saved and used for other tasks. In countries where this may seem to present an insurmountable obstacles due to the sheer complexity of the playing field, a strategic alliance can get the ball rolling.

Health systems and social services carry out their duties fairly satisfactory separately, but when problems are complex and involving many transitions between systems, we know that the risk of error and waste is great.

Socio-Health’s strategy is health book online and medical book online and strategically sound use of resources to make a cheaper but more efficient system for the benefit of all.

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