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Jacob Barnett

Taming a Bunch of Keys into an Efficient Key Organizer

Jacob Barnett

The key to any key organizer is efficiency. We all experience problems while handling a bunch of keys. Any attempt to efficiently organize a bunch of keys for easy and obedient usage runs into further problems. For example, a leather case for keys seems to be a great idea, and it works well too. But then such a case takes space inside the pocket. Moreover, opening a case to fetch the right key is not as quick as we would want it to be. This solution loses out on portability and ease-of-use.

In the market there are many key organizers available, one of them is the leather holder. A leather holder is basically a piece of leather made in the shape of a large ring. With attachments in the holder, keys are held together. Ultimately, this solution only looks different but does nothing to solve the actual problem. The irritating jiggling continues even in this organizer.

To a huge extent we all go through some exasperation in fishing out the right key from a big bunch. Basically a key organizer should be such that finding the right key does not become a problem.

Another problem most of us face with a wild bunch of keys is keeping them in place during jogging and outdoor physical training. As if exercising is not tiring enough, these freely moving keys create a cacophony during the entire course of a run.

A key organizer should have some basic requirements covered to be an efficient organizer:

  • It should stop the keys from making noise

  • It should neatly tuck the keys into a single and smart unit

  • It should make it easy to recognize the right key

  • It should make it easy to bring out the right key and use it to open a lock

In addition to all these requirements, a key organizer should be a stylish accessory.

Recently the market saw the introduction of a new key organizer. Going by the looks of it and its functionality it seems to be the perfect solution. The Wunderkey is indeed an efficient organizer. Made like a Swiss knife set, this organizer packs in keys just like a Swiss knife set. In this organizer, keys can be arranged just by opening the screw. The design makes it very convenient to find out the right key and use it. Interestingly, with the Wunderkey, you can attach a pen drive too. So basically it gives you data access along with physical access.

Important features of Wunderkey

  • Disengaging a screw is all that it takes to attach multiple keys into the organizer.

  • Made of strong and light aircraft aluminum

  • Stylish and easy to carry

  • Can carry a large number of keys

  • Effectively shuts noise from keys

  • Stylish and compact

  • Can carry a pen drive also

Wunderkey is a sophisticated accessory made for easy use, and it also adds loads of style to the personality of the user. This organizer ticks all the boxes and finally it seems that the tyranny of jiggling keys is on its last days.

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