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Monalisa Desouza

Carving and Caring for Green Havens

Monalisa Desouza

A garden is an ambassador of happiness and a living contribution towards the beauty of a locality. Gardens, in their lushness, make living more meaningful and attractive. They attract positivity and chase away stress like few things do. In the lap of beautiful gardens lay many joys to be discovered. Creating a great garden is the best way to create a lifetime of joy and memories.

The process of creating a garden and maintaining it requires extensive knowledge of horticulture, lawn maintenance, and land designing. With the right knowledge and the right manpower it becomes quite possible to create a land of flowers, greenery and beauty.

Professional horticulture agencies offer a variety of services to create and maintain beautiful gardens and lawns. Of the many important aspects of creating gardens is land designing.

Landscape designing involves the planning and creation of appropriate land design by reckoning factors such as geography, land quality, climate, and individual requirements. A consideration of all these factors goes into creating an aesthetically superior area of trees, flowers, water and greenery. Additionally, landscape designing involves site planning, restructuring and management of water bodies, infrastructure development and management. The whole exercise is to use the local conditions to transform a land into place of complete greenery and natural beauty.

Professional horticulture agencies offer the above mentioned services for homes and for commercial and public places also.

Landscaping is an art which includes building beautiful structures, well designed flower gardens, trimming of bushes and shrubs into interesting and innovative shapes, planting ornamental grasses and decorating colourful stones on pavement and walkways to make your house unique.

Lawn maintenance is another important part of creating gardens. On the surface, lawns do not look complicated. With just strands of grass jutting of land, lawns must be easy to create and maintain. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Fertilizing the land, watering, keeping diseases at bay, de-weeding, and controlling pests are some of the many important aspects of lawn maintenance that escape the eyes. Professional horticulture agencies provide lawn maintenance services also. They ensure that all the technical and physical aspects of lawn maintenance are professionally cared for. Ultimately, in homes and in public places, the beautiful lawns that we see and enjoy have a lot to do with the care and nurturing they receive at the hands of lawn maintenance professionals.

For beautiful gardens to bloom and for great green spaces to thrive a lot of science, design, and efforts come together at the hands of professionals associated with horticulture, landscaping and maintenance. With our innovative approach we understand the client's requirements and deliver the best possible solutions with a pocket friendly budget.

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