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Atheist This is a poem I wrote.

Scribble ...
   I am an atheist get over yourself

I am proud of myself.

I won't try to hide

I am full of pride.

I believe in no God

 you find that disrespectful and odd.

I could care less

You've made my life  a mess.

I try to take a deep breath

But you've made me wish for death.

You've made my life a living Hell

I dint think I will ever be well.

I am sick of crying, I am sick of trying,

I wish I were dying.

You've tried to kick me out

And I asked myself "what is this all about?!"

You've made me depressed and its not going to suppress

No matter how hard you press.

I stand by what I believe 

And I hope you leave.

So thanks mom and dad 

You've made me this bad.

I am now happy for death 

As it takes my last breath.

You no longer have a daughter who is a pest

I hope your second child is the best.

I hope they don't go through Hell like me

'Cause it make  you want to flee.

Under your rules we suffocate 

Until we relocate.

I am surprised that your rules have not made more people take their last breath

And give it to death!

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Scribble ...
Scribble ... Sorry dint is supposed to be don't. It is in the 12th line.
08/26/2015 23:27:40
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