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Ed Bernstein

How to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer: 8 Things You Need to Know

Ed Bernstein


You’ve been in a car accident and you’re not exactly sure what to do and you may be wondering whether or not the injuries and damage that you have sustained are even worth an attorney’s time. How about medical malpractice or other possible personal injury cases? We’re going to point out some important things to consider when hiring a personal injury lawyer.

1. The consultation will most likely be free.

Often, when people become victims of a personal injury, they usually don’t hire or talk to a lawyer because they’re concerned that it will cost too much, even just to talk to them about some of the details and facts about their case. Look for attorney’s that offer a free consultation and inquire about what that consultation involves.

2. Look for an Experienced Attorney.

This is really important because there are many lawyers who will practice in several areas of law and you really want to make sure that they specialize in injury law. It’s best to look for injury law firms that have a proven track record of experience and success.

3. Be Wary of Ambulance Chasers.

After getting into an accident, you may receive letters or phone calls from firms promising you all kinds of things. This is illegal and it’s suggested that you go out and find your own attorney.

4. Filing a Lawsuit isn’t Always Necessary.

In many cases, your attorney may only need to help the process along by filing some papers with your insurance company. Make sure you inquire about this possibility as it could save you a lot of money.

5. Understand the Fees.

Most personal injury lawyers operate on a contingency fee, meaning, you won’t have any upfront fees. Make sure this is the case before you hire an attorney.

6. Confirm Which Expenses are covered.

The contingency fee only pays for the attorney’s time. Any other expenses like hiring other people to work on different aspects of your case (if needed) will be billed separately. It’s important to understand know how any additional expenses will be billed.

7. You May have to Pay the Insurance Companies Back.

While your case is getting settled, you may have expenses that will be incurred by the insurance company such as additional healthcare costs etc. Talk with your attorney and make sure they’re willing to work with you and your insurance company to ensure that you get a fair settlement that covers all costs.

8. Most Cases Take Time and there are Never Any Guarantees.

With all of the details and work involved, personal injury cases take time and the results are not guaranteed. Ask your lawyer for a realistic timeline of when they think the case will settle and if they tell guarantee results, do not hire them. If the personal injury lawyer that you’re interested in hiring can provide you with honest answers, then they may be the right attorney to take on your case.

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