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Chris Hugs Hack Speed, Size and Invisibility No Survey

Chris Hugs Entrepreneur Hack Speed, Size and Invisibility No Survey

§  Agar io is a browser game that is also available for iOS and Android! The main purpose is to play online with players around the world as you try to become the biggest cell of them all!

§  Basically, you're a tiny circle, that has to eat circles smaller than you. The more circles you eat, the bigger you grow, hence bigger circles you can eat to grow even bigger. However, you become slower the bigger you become, making it more difficult to eat smaller, faster players.


§  This exciting game that has stormed the world of gaming, is also available on mobile devices that use iOS and Android.


NOTE: This Hack that we provide it is compatible with all versions of the operating systems on both your phone and computer! Hack Bot Download: Hack Bot Features

SPEED: with speed hack feature you can easily grow up your speed when you are moving to slow. I recommend you to use it when your score is higher than 150. If you use it when your score is less than 150 you will move too quickly and can be caught.

DOUBLE SIZE: will double your score within every cells you eat. If you eat small cells your score will increase by 1, but if this feature is activated score will be increased by 2 within every cell. So, in this way 5 eaten cells means a score of 10, instead of 5.

INVISIBILITY: probably the best feature of this agar hack. With invisibility mode you can set opacity for your cell up to -10. In this way, other players will be harder to see you. Notice: this hack works better when your cell color is yellow and without username set (blank). Hack Bot Download:

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