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Reaching Goals Through the Crowdfunding Way


Crowdfunding as a practice dates back to the time we human beings began to evolve as a society. Back then the practice was not necessarily about monetary contribution. Crowdfunding involved contributing through material wealth or through physical labor also. With the development of systematic economies around the world, crowdfunding turned more organized, and with the development of the internet as a medium of communication and knowledge, it received its biggest make-over.

The first crowdfunding through the internet was organized in the year 1997 by a Rock band named Marillion. They appealed to their fans to fund their tour to the U.S., an appeal which was successfully followed by contributions to meet the target of $60,000.

This internet based crowdfunding comes under the category of Donation based crowdfunding. Apart from this category, there are two other categories of crowdfunding: Equity crowdfunding and Debt crowdfunding.

Promotion is an important part of crowdfunding, irrespective of the category involved. A winning crowdfunding promotion involves several requirements that are fulfilled by crowdfunding organizations.

Social media, dedicated website, and email communication are the important tools to promote a crowdfunding campaign. The subsets of crowdfunding promotion through different internet channels are as follows:

  • Creation of dedicated website

  • Content creation for website

  • SEO optimization for website content, videos and press releases

  • Promotion through videos information and appeals

  • Broadcast through Facebook and Twitter

  • Buzzing information channels like radio, television, and newspapers with info capsules

  • Using professional press releases to spread the message

  • Submission of press release to blogs sites and online news portals

  • Establishment of communication through emails

To promote crowdfunding campaign, it is important to have a platform, and the platform is provided by a crowdfunding organizers like By getting the right understanding about the requirements for particular projects, an organizer devises a strategy to effectively reach out the people expected to do the funding. The above mentioned procedures are usually employed by organizers to promote crowdfunding campaigns.

Apart from the above procedures, advertisement forms an important part of crowdfunding promotion. Because advertisements easily catch the eye and are easy to understand with their combination of visuals and written content, they prove to be very efficient in attracting funding.

However, the most important part of attracting crowdfunding is reaching the right kinds of donors or investors. Crowdfunding organizers put a lot of efforts into reaching the target donors. Establishing the viability of a project is another important requirement that is very meticulously worked on by organizers.

From the thorough approach adopted by crowdfunding organizers, attracting crowdfunding and achieving the target has become consistently possible.

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