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PG Bingo

How to Play Online Bingo and Win!

PG Bingo


Most of us know how traditional bingo is played, players sit down in a room with at least one 15-number bingo card or more with their bingo markers. They patiently and hopefully wait for their numbers to be called from a sequence of 90 numbers that are randomly picked by a bingo caller. Once they hear their number called, the bingo players mark it with an ink dabber. When they’ve achieved a straight line, a cross, a “T” shape, a box shape, or a full card, players yell “Bingo” and collect whatever the winnings for that round are. Often, there is more than one winner, so the pot gets split up between the winners.

How to Play Online Bingo

Playing bingo online is similar to playing in a bingo hall, only it’s just you and you’re playing on a computer. When playing online bingo, you can play as many cards as you like; whereas, with bingo halls you are usually limited and it’s difficult to find the numbers on multiple cards quickly.

The bingo software will mark the numbers for you and therefore, you have the potential to win even more money because you can play more cards and you don’t need to spend any time searching—it’s kind of automated that way. Playing bingo online is actually quite simple.

Extra Bonuses and Playing for Free?

Yes, that’s right. Some sites actually offer the option to play bingo for free and even offer free bonuses upon deposit. If you play bingo in a traditional bingo hall, then you know how much you could easily spend buying cards and even paying a cover charge to enter in some cases. Bingo halls also don’t offer bonuses for stopping by, getting a certain line on your bingo card, and they’re never free.

How to Play for a Chance at Bigger Bonuses

Examples of having opportunities to play for bigger bonuses could include offers such as only drawing 20 numbers and being able to fill up all 15 numbers on your card. This would be for a jackpot win and therefore the winnings could be quite huge.

Other possible offers could be filling up your entire card within 50 numbers. Each bingo game and offer will be different, but there’s definitely a lot more flexibility when it comes to winning money playing bingo online, not to mention the opportunities to play bingo for free and actually win something!

Online Bingo Strategies

Sorry to break it to you, but bingo isn’t a strategy-based game. It’s quite simple to play whether you’re playing in a more traditional bingo hall or online. That being said, online bingo offers you the ability to play as many cards as you like; thus, increasing your chances of winning. When choosing bingo cards, some people like to choose specials dates or numbers associated with loved ones or special memories, but even with that, it’s not necessarily a guarantee.

As you can see, playing bingo online is quite simple and easy, but it’s often misunderstood. We hope that you’re more clear as to how it works and how you can win! 

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