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A Lasting Statement in Style and Comfort


Silk clothing enjoys a unique distinction among fabrics. It is the only fabric that is great to wear in a fashionable party and is also suitable as a sleepwear at home. Cotton also enjoys its own set of advantages as opposed to other fabrics. It is easy to produce and therefore widely available all over the world. Moreover, cotton feels very comfortable on the skin. Cotton clothing can be stitched to different levels of thickness to be used in all kinds of weather.

Silk robes keeps the wearer comfortable in all types of weather be it cold, warm or damp. During winters, silk robes impart a cozy feel; in summers, they are cool, and during rains, they maintain normal temperature by warming and cooling the body synchronously. As a casual wear at home, a silk robe is the most comfortable fabric to use. Silk robes impart a classy look and a comfortable feel. Due the lightness of silk and the design of robes, silk robes are the best choice for a relaxing time at home.

Silk Nightshirt: Because silk has great hypo allergic capabilities, it repels mites and fungus. In a nightshirt this quality has great advantages. A silk nightshirt ensures great sleep because of the temperature regulation qualities of silk. In warm conditions, a silk nightshirt expels heat and during cold conditions, it retains heat. A silk nightshirt is a great way to have comfortable sleep.

Silk pyjamas: It is indeed the specialty of silk that it is sought after fabric for glitzy parties and for quiet relaxation at home as well. Silk pyjamas have a distinct advantage over other fabrics because of the moisture locking and super absorbent nature. These qualities make silk pyjamas great for general health. Moreover, silk feels comfortable on sensitive skin also; skin problems do not get irritated from the use of silk pyjamas.

Cotton kimono robes: As mentioned earlier, cotton as a fabric is very comfortable to wear. Cotton Kimono robes render a soft and cozy feeling to the wearer. Cotton absorbs sweat very efficiently and remains smell neutral even after coming in contact with sweat. Cotton Kimono robes come in a variety of colors and patterns. They are easy to put on and comfortable to wear for long periods. Cotton Kimono robes are very easy on the skin; even after prolonged use, the skin remains relaxed and happy.

Silk and cotton are two of the most skin-friendly fabrics. The also look great in a variety of settings. Used formally, informally or as nightwear, silk and cotton fabrics keep the wearer comfortable without compromise.

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