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Online college book renting website - making college life more affordable

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Whenever the college season kicks off textbooks as students would know it is a very expensive ritual for them. Students are always used to buying pricy books since they have run out of options or they don’t have one. That’s how Marudha Moorthy, Vivek Singh and Sumit Mathur started thinking of getting their hands dirty. That’s how the ReadHopper story begin way back in 2014 although conceptually. This story is not about a startup along the way. They thought about disrupting the high prices which hammers every student way back to their pizza, movies or every missed vacations which could have been initiated if not been for those heavy price charged by the publishing and book retailer’s.

ReadHopper is all about renting college textbooks and delivering right to your doorstep. How many of us did ever imagined during our college days that we can rent books only by paying twenty five percent of its value? Interestingly now every student can as ReadHopper is here to curb that pain especially in Indian market where the spending is high from kindergarten to college, engineering, medical or any other stream.

Textbook renting is always the cheapest option for any student anywhere on this globe. And nothing like it when you get your textbooks on the same price for your entire semester. What ReadHopper offers students is the convenience to stay away from crowdie bookstores and queued college libraries and rent textbooks online having their bite of cheesy pizza or watching a movie in the meanwhile t heir textbooks is on its way to their shipping address .

Isn’t it sounding yummy? Why not? No more missing out on a trip with friends due to less pocket money or worrying about contributions while having kebabs or biryani. Read Hopper is not slashing your textbooks prices about seventy five percent; it is encouraging you to explore more on your next vacation gig and also your next cuisine hunt. The question is not that are you ready to save, in fact the question is are you ready to explore and be the next ReadHopper?

Visit ReadHooper for more details.

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