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Santosh Kumar

A Random Thought On Friendship Day

Santosh Kumar

    With first Sunday of August all young and not so young people around the globe celebrate the day of friendship      called Friendship day.  Thanks to greeting card industry and social media we are celebrating it never like before. 


   This reminds me of the famous Bollywood movie – Sholay where Jai and Veeru swear  for their friendship by singing “ Yeh dosti hum nahi chodenge”(we will never break this friendship)  on a rusty bike.

   I would still go and sip beer with my friends even it’s a Friendship day or not because with friends it’s always friendship day.  However, for millions of people across globe it is another reason to celebrate and hit nearby pub or bar.

But the most important question arise - why we need another day to celebrate friendship.  The friendship among two individuals should be their own personal thing. 

Considering the role and importance of friends in our life it is a great idea to celebrate the day. 

Why its being over fantasize?

The noble idea is of honoring friends has lost somewhere in between.

   The answer is simple because Hallmark and other greeting card companies want us to do it in their way.  Gift      marketers run extensive campaigns to lure people to buy cards and restaurants wants you to book table in their    place by running discounts. 


  How the hell it started -   Friendship Day history was originally started when Joyce Hall, the Founder of      Hallmark Card was introduced Friendship day to the world in 1930. But it was already celebrated in one form or    another in countries like Prague. 

   But I strongly feel today is the time when this day is most required.  Imagine India having Friendship day with Pakistan or America giving cards to Russia in exchange of trust and love. 

  Just a random thought on Friendship day.  HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY!


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