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Jay Viradiya

Philips to launch Android Powered 4K TV and Android portable projector

Jay Viradiya
After monitoring the recent trend of android TVs’ in the market Philips have tried to unveil the hidden talent within their researchers that leads to draw 2-new product havocking the competitors that tend to launch android TV. Yep! Philips has warned the launch of Android powered 4K TV and Portable Projector-powered with the cores of android’s latest version.

Philips Android Powered 4K TV

Philips has recently announced the ‘Coming Soon’ section of Smart-Televisions with outstanding ingenuity. These Televisions are planned to lie within 4K TV category, though with extreme modifications that include the power of android and ambit of light- colors of which will alter on the basis of hue.

Android powered 4K TV- with ultra-wild resolution will also have 1GHz refresh rate whereas android platform will allow you to experience Google play apps and games with the help of stationed Quad-core processor ensuring the game controller support to this dude. The hue based altered ambit lights will add sincere effect enhancing your television and gaming involvement on a 8000 seriated android powered 4K TV. Moreover Dropbox support will allow the access to pre-saved cloud media.

This 8000 series of android powered 4K TV will be availed in 3 variants categorized on the basis of their sizes where all the variants- 44 inch, 48 inch and 55 inch will have 1080p HD resolution potentiality. In short the consumers will be facilitated with Smartness of android in a 4K TV rather than those costly leviathans in 4K department.

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