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Jay Viradiya

Top 8 Tips to Enhance Security on Android Phone

Jay Viradiya
Security is a standout amongst the most vital issue on the planet and likewise without security it’s almost impossible for anything to survive; however security is one of the key issues and its is mostly concerned in digital devices where Android resides as the most recent portable platform in the world of smartphones, tablets and such digital trends. Android Mobile, Tablets and more have low ratings for security though it is designed to be truly open.

The following are some security punctuation’s that help to distill applications in terms of security:

The Android’s “Sandbox” application is exigent, as it holds the tendency to uproot your ‘application’s information’ and ‘code execution’ from other different applications.

An application framework with solid executions of regular security usefulness like cryptography and credentials should be ascribed.

An enciphered cloud controlled file system that holds dexterity to secure information on lost or stolen cell phone remotely.

The following are the elite tips for users to secure their Android’s
1) Regular deadbolt on Android phones:

Deadbolt on android phones? Yes! The logical deadbolts among several-availed by android security system which tends to isolate your entire android platform below its credentials.

The most common among these is the ‘Pattern Lock’ that is used to lock smartphones by drawing a defined and authorized pattern on 9-Holes with 3 X 3 dimensions- besides which you can always isolate your android OS beneath 4-Digit Pin code which is attempt-critical.
An alternate approach stationed in 4.0 and newer versions of android is face lock that tends to identify the dimensions of face through front-camera- the most secured security concept in the android yet!

2) Utilize the Smartphone Security Applications:

It’s about an all time essential system for devices with operating systems-“Antivirus Products”, always ignored-but later guilt is the only feeling left within the user’s that ignored the fact about the security isolation of the applications like Avast, McAfee, Kaspersky and more which are freely available on Google PlayStore. These products hold the dexterity to help the OS in identifying the viruses and malwares invading the system-in-fact avoid and block such circumstances.

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