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IT Administration skills for today's world

This IT World has unlimited opportunities if you have the right skills. The budding professionals, and rookies have to look beyond the subjective technology knowledge and should focus beyond IT Certification. Consumers of technologies are Industry like Finance, Banking, Retail, Healthcare , Manufacturing. These consumers have to keep phase with the evolving technology landscape, take for example, Microsoft pulled the plug of supporting Windows XP, leaving millions of end users directly or indirectly impacted. In such case, Industry has to learn new technologies, invest time and money, and come up to the speed to keep customers and consumers in delight and to sustain the business deals.
As a budding knowledge worker, one should look at the market place, and see what going around in the Industry through seniors, friends, acquaintance. Simple approach to be successful is to acquire holistic knowledge. What is holistic? the literal meaning is complete.
What differentiates between a pro and rookie ? Pro is one who over and above technology competency and process skills, he/she networks with people like colleagues, customers and partners. A rookie do not get access to process skills and networking. Still you can be there, to become a pro. How?
The title of this blog is for System Administrators, of-course it is a broad term, but this approach is for any other streams like software development, testing and system integration. So How to become a Pro?
Versatility in core competency, if you dream to become a UNIX admin, acquire skills on RHEL, and also get yourself hands on with Solaris. Now Solaris and RHEL becomes your primary skills. What you learn is also important, over and above fundamentals, and grip on handling important features, also work on create some unique solution. You can talk to a Industry Pro to get some insights. Connecting with professionals is not a pain, with social networking sites like linkedin, google+, twitter, and facebook, you could connect with dedicated technical groups who can assist you with knowledge.
With enterprise class opensource server technologies in Unix, cloud, and virtualization, you can have cluster of servers at home, kind of SOHO lab to play around. To sum up, it is networking,knowledge seeking and experimentation that hold the key to become a sought after resource in the Industry tommorrow.
Best of Luck.
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