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Ahona Das


Ahona Das Book reviewer and editor
  • 1. "Bachelor's Marriage" : sounds quite like an oxymoron.

    Tell us more about why you chose such an oxymoronic title? The novel, Bachelor’$ Marriage is the journey of Sujay, from being a bachelor to a married guy. As you read the story you would find the extremities in between Sujay has been living. To display or one could say to represent the story, I was thinking of oxymoronic title. Title was the last thing I did. So, after much digging up in the story I found Bachelor’$ Marriage apt as a title to my book.

    2. What inspired you to write your first novel?

    It was a striking conversation between my friend and me that sparked an idea of writing a novel based on Indian marriage system and focussing Indian youth on the broader level. At the start, I was quite unaware of what genre to write but then ideas kept coming and I set a plot in mind which led to the completion of the novel. Particularly, I would say that the prolonged discussion between me and my parents over my would-be-wife and my marriage set up a base for my novel. Soon after starting writing my novel, I found myself as an obsessive thinker with the obsessive thoughts of girls, love and marriage.

    3) What is your favorite pastime?

    Reading would be the only activity suit here. I spend most of the time on reading novels or on reading something on the web. My parents had bought me a set of Hindi books when I was just 3 years old, that attracted me to books (not academic ones) and at the secondary school in free time I would go in library and read any book that kept me spell bound.

    4. How much of a reader are you? Tell us more about your reading habits.

    “Padhte hain subah sham, padhte hi rehna hain!” One of my  roommates keeps singing this moderated song whenever he sees me with a book in my hand. For me, reading is an obsession and I would read anything from epics like The Mahabharata, Ramayana to erotica like Fifty Shades Trilogy. Even in exam times, whenever I feel like I am just unable to study further, I pick out any unread novel and start reading. I read all types of books but mysteries and thrillers are my favorite. I have more than 200 books at my home, most of them are either the all time bestsellers or been awarded with Pulitzer or Man-Booker Prize.

    5) When faced with adversity, some people come through fine, while others seem to just fall apart. What gives you the courage to keep going when times get tough?

    Facing adversity is just about giving up on things you wanted once. Being a regular gym going person, I learned many things there and made me clear about the so called ‘Give up’ thing. It’s not about giving up but knowing when to give up. I try to find courage through reading books. Even, people whose story I read are the one giving me courage. If things just don’t go the way I want, I prefer to go on walk, to delve into myself deeper and straighten out all things. In hard times one needs to keep himself engaged with things he/she likes. The line ‘You can what no one could’ amplifies my strength in the hard times.

    6. How much of the protagonist of "Bachelor's Marriage" resembles you? Or does it? Have you ever been in love with two people at the same time?

    Sujay is all me. Through Sujay, I have tried to share the things, experiences I had/have. So, it wasn’t hard for me to write about Sujay and his thought process. Yeah, I had been in love with two people at the same time. It was just before I started writing this book. The thing was, one was just like me and one was just opposite of me. A guy likes both types of girls so I did.

    7. Have you ever faced writer’s block? If so, how do you deal with it?

    Many times! I keep a routine for writing with the target of around 14-15 pages daily. But sometimes what happens is either I don’t get what to write ahead or I feel like reaching to the end of the story. If all odds are against me, even writing 25 lines seems like a Herculean task. Then I keep my writing aside and start reading novels or rereading my favourite ones. If even after that I am unable to write then I don’t do anything else but go to sleep.

    8. Since your book is of the romantic genre, tell us, what, according to you, is love.

    According to me love is more about  feeling same emotions, doing same things, behaving same like the person you like. It might be not physical, but an emotional or psychological. You can love someone without telling/letting her/him notice the same.

    9. What was the happiest moment of your life?

    It was the evening at Candolim Beach (Goa) with my friends. The place was so serene and romantic that we didn’t give a second thought but enjoyed it a lot. Before going there I was a bit nervous and low and just wanted to be done with the Goa trip as soon as possible, but that evening just changed it all, it is one of the memorable times in my life and thus the happiest moment of my life.

    10. Do you have plans for a second book? If yes, tell us more about it.

    As I have mentioned in my book itself, I am currently working on the second book. It would be the second one of ‘Bachelor’s’ series. It would be quite the way different from the first one. Besides, I have currently 3 titles to pen down, just being a hostelite I don’t get much of privacy. But surely, I got to write down them as soon as possible.

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