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Monalisa Desouza

Importance of using a Landscape Architect to Design your Dream House

Monalisa Desouza

A beautiful architectural design enhances the uniqueness of your house. With a limited space it is becoming essential to use the available space properly without spoiling the natural beauty of the house. A well planned design can save you more money as well as help you to achieve your goal of building a dream house.

With the help of a skilled landscape architect you can plan aesthetically pleasing flower gardens, walkways, water fountains, hardscapes and masonries. Choosing a skilled landscape professional is quite a daunting task as some architects might charge higher price for the services and also you need to investigate whether they have both educational background and strong experience in providing such services.

Landscaping is an art which includes building beautiful structures, well designed flower gardens, trimming of bushes and shrubs into interesting and innovative shapes, planting ornamental grasses and decorating colourful stones on pavement and walkways to make your house unique.

Below mentioned are the few things you need to consider before hiring a landscape architect:

  • Landscape architect helps with planning and design of landscapes without affecting the environment.

  • They must have educational qualification like bachelors or masters degree in landscape architecture accredited by recognized universities.

  • Landscape architecture job involves planning and designing of layouts for housing development, maintenance of landscapes, monitoring of development work to ensure the proper implementation of the plan.

  • The architect gives planning for home gardens, water fountains, parks, public open spaces, recreation areas, botanic gardens, etc.

  • They play a key role in developing beautiful architectural layouts considering the natural resources and environment to bring the best out of the available space. Creativity is the most important factor for a landscape architect.

  • The landscape architect inspects the sites thoroughly to analyse factors such as climate conditions, soil quality, water level, drainage system. Based on the collected data and facts he/she recommends specific plan for the landscape and suggest the best possible way to utilize the natural resources.

  • The architect's role includes identifying the resources, thoughtful planning, creative design, architectural drawings, layout design, work specifications, cost estimation, scheduling of the deadline and inspecting the proper implementation of work as per the agreed guidelines.

  • A good architect always tries to give the best output by using his creative skills and past experience to come up with new ideas and delivering the best solution with a minimal budget.

We at horticulturalsolutionsny have inhouse landscape designers, Landscape Architects and building architects to provide the best possible solution for the clients. Our innovative approach to understand the client's requirements and delivering the best possible solutions with a pocket friendly budget.

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