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Rebecca Paige

My puppy needs surgery :c

Rebecca Paige

Hi everyone, my name is Becca. My mother and I got a King Charles Cavalier puppy. His name is Guinness, and he's a great addition to the family. He loves his tennis ball and he loves going to the beach with us. We love him so much! There's only one major problem, he has Patellar Luxation, or 'Floating Kneecaps', in both legs. We were able to scrounge up the money for one leg about 6 months ago. Having one leg fixed, he seemed great and he was able to run around the yard with our other fur babies. About a week ago, we found a metal pin on the floor...his leg rejected it and pushed it out! He can barely walk at this point, and we have no where else to turn to. He needs this surgery as soon as possible. Thank you so much for taking your time to read this, and thank you so much if you help Guinness, it's beyond appreciated!
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