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Chetan Soni

30 things to do before you turn 30.

Chetan Soni
I had been reading a lot of write-ups like "25 things to do before 25" , "20 things to do before 20" ," 50 places to travel before you die" ,"10 places to shit before you get caught" .

So I was wondering whether the writers had done any of it themselves, I have not done any of it so ...voila...since I am approaching the right side of 40 so thought why not I share my list...

30 things to do before you turn 30

1. Travel alone on a fixed budget-

this is a crash course on wealth management and you will have great knowledge of "directions" henceforth..

2. Stalk somebody - like SRK ala Darr , will enhance your observation skills tremendously and you will always be aware of your surroundings..

3. Go on a golgappa eating spree till you pass out- because they are the best gift from Indians to the world after "0"..

4. Date atleast 10 people - now this is easy for girls because when they wake up in the morning there are 10 people standing outside their house ready to relinquish their wealth on them . So for guys if you achieve this target then there is no "sales" target which you cant achieve.

5. Live in Mumbai for a year- because it's the only city in the country which will leave an impact on you when you leave the city, for good or bad..

6. Live in Delhi for a year- because it's the Capital, simple.

7. Go on a road trip with your friends - You will come back as a semi professional mechanic and only once you spend a night with your friends you will know their real "Nature"...

8. Go to Jail- After third degree torture the most neglected part of your body (your butts) will become your most prized possesion.

9. Fall in love - As Mirza Ghalib once told me " Sheesha ho ya dil ho , aakhir toot jaata hain"...

10. Learn cooking and swimming - These are the only 2 things which will help you when you are stranded on an island.

11. Get wasted - because we all want a story to be told to our children.

12. Get chased by a Dog- if you survive that then challenge Usain Bolt for a "duel"..

13. Gatecrash a wedding- that will be your "in your face" moment to the guy who said "there are no free lunches in the world"..

14. Live in a hostel- because that is where you will find your best friend.

15. Attend random meetups- it will help you in perfectioning the art of "faking it"...

16. Go back to your school once - because it was the best time of your life , as simple as that.

17. Attend your ex's wedding- after seeing the love of your life in somebody else 's arms no calamity will affect you ever.

18. Throw a party inviting all your acquaintances - you will be surprised to see that so many people want free booze.

19. Deactivate your FB account for a week- you will discover new means of communication and also discover "life"...

20. Get Rejected- only after that you will discover yourself , just like Kangna did in "Queen"..

21. Go to a theatre class- you will learn how to say 1 sentence in 3 different ways..

22. Learn martial arts- what else will save you from your future spouse?

23. Join a NGO- how else will your CV be different from the rest of the clones?

24. Go on a blind date- because we all love surprises !

25. Buy adult magazines and dnt throw them - you will discover hiding places in your house which you were not aware of..

26. Watch all english art movies- because you need to sound intellectual in a group of Akshay kumar's fans..

27. Have a pet - who else will listen to you when you are going through quarter-life crisis and bouts of depression..

28. Dont delete your hotmail account - one day it might be auctioned.

29. Buy a smartphone - there are 24 hours in a day , how are we supposed to waste them..?

30. If you did all these things you are on the verge of sainthood and you need to discard your body you have to die ...and there is only one way where you can dance your way to Death.....

GET MARRIED............
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Santosh Kumar
Santosh Kumar Like like like ; )
05/16/2014 10:46:56
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Pranav Jha
Pranav Jha I have gone through your blog and found few interesting points, but for few points I would like to have your clarification if won’t mind while answering me: 10th point- How cooking will help me in island? It might be possible if I would carry my cooking material along with me then you can say it is possible. Few points are very unique and I would love to do like 21 to 24, 14th point is observed by me. I hope you don’t mind but I would like to know about your 8th point experience.
03/13/2015 12:21:59
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Chetan Soni
Chetan Soni Thanks Santosh...
03/13/2015 12:21:57
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Chetan Soni
Chetan Soni Hi Pranav, 10th - Cooking will help you on an island because you need to cook with limited resources , you wont find spices or fire there. You should surely do 21 to 24.. 8th -I was once in jail for breaking traffic rules and misbehaving with inspector there I saw them beating somebody .
03/13/2015 12:21:55
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Ramya Balakrishna
Ramya Balakrishna I live in Bangalore and get chased by dogs wouldn't wanna do that again but I have no option coz the dogs gang up. There is absolutely nothing worse than watching your EX getting married.Mumbai I definitely wanna live there with friends.
03/13/2015 12:21:50
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Deepika Bhiagra
Deepika Bhiagra awesome thought...loving this......
03/13/2015 12:21:48
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