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CIS 517 Final Exam Help


CIS  517 Final Exam Help


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Week 11 Answers


•           Question 1



            Since organizations depend on reliable information technology, there are also huge costs associated with ____.


•           Question 2



            A ____ is a graphic display of data that illustrates the results of a process over time.


•           Question 3



            ____ should be forgotten.


•           Question 4



            ____ describe what the project team has accomplished during a certain period.

•           Question 5



            Those who are ____ have a higher tolerance for risk, and their satisfaction increases when more payoff is at stake.


•           Question 6



            ____ are a good way to highlight information provided in important project documents, empower people to be accountable for their work, and have face-to-face discussions about important project issues.



•           Question 7



            Three separate surveys of software project cost overruns found that the average cost overrun for all of the projects in their survey samples (not just unsuccessful projects) were ____ percent.


•           Question 8



            In any normal distribution, ____ percent of the population is within three standard deviations of the mean.


•           Question 9



            ____ are/is a qualitative risk analysis tool, and in addition to identifying risks, it maintains an awareness of risks throughout the life of a project.


•           Question 10



            A ____ provides an estimate of what a project will cost.


•           Question 11



            ____ predict future project status and progress based on past information and trends.


•           Question 12



            ____ are predefined actions that the project team will take if an identified risk event occurs.


•           Question 13



            ____ found that people were motivated to work mostly by feelings of personal achievement and recognition.


•           Question 14



            The Standish Group’s CHAOS studies reported an average cost overrun for unsuccessful IT projects ranged from 180 percent in 1994 to ____ percent in 2004.



•           Question 15



            A(n) ____ represents decision problems by displaying essential elements, including decisions, uncertainties, causality, and objectives, and how they influence each other.


•           Question 16



            A(n) ____ is any instance where the product or service fails to meet customer requirements.


•           Question 17



            ____ involves taking steps to enhance opportunities and reduce threats to meeting project objectives.


•           Question 18



            ____ is best known for distinguishing between motivational factors and hygiene factors when considering motivation in work settings.


•           Question 19



            ____ are costs that are not directly related to the products or services of the project, but are indirectly related to performing the project.


•           Question 20



            ____ is best known for developing a hierarchy of needs.


•           Question 21



            People with a high need for ____ seek to excel and tend to avoid both low-risk and high-risk situations to improve their chances for achieving something worthwhile.


•           Question 22


            ____ proposed that an individual’s specific needs are acquired or learned over time and shaped by life experiences.


•           Question 23



            ____ is a method for determining the estimated annual costs and benefits for a project and the resulting annual cash flow.


•           Question 24



            Utility rises at a decreasing rate for a ____ person.


•           Question 25



            A project manager can chart the probability and impact of risks on a ____.


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