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Jay Viradiya

Narendra Modi Implements 3D Holography Projection Technology in Political Campaign

Jay Viradiya
A huge revolution of utilizing extravagant technology has supervened in India. Yes!! Gujarat Chief Minister Mr. Narendra Modi from India has implemented ‘3D Holographic Projection Technology’ to execute its political campaign for addressing gatherings of people at 100+ national locations simultaneously-furnishing a realistic touch to audience.

n past, this 3-D Holographic Projection technology was used by Prince Charles in 2008 for addressing the world future energy meridian; thereafter an American Leader AI Gore instigated Live Earth Tokyo with 3-D Holographic Projection Technology. Thereon-for a while later, 3D Holographic Technology was used for Fun and launch of products, but in November-2012 the implementation of this technology through Mr. Narendra Modi was recorded in Guinness Book of World Record by addressing gatherings of people at 53+ locations for political campaign at state level.

Thenceforth a national level Outreach campaign was executed on 11th April, 2014 by Narendra Modi at 100+ locations breaking previously self-executed Guinness book of world record.

The 3-D Holographic Projection is basically beaming of images at aimed locations with extraordinary camera and projection intelligence that tend to offer immortal live view perception without using 3-D glasses.

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