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Ahona Das

Deliverance Of Sarpa Meru : AN ARTICLE

Ahona Das Book reviewer and editor

When it comes to a story, that has its mythological bases, the author's sense of imagination is indeed tested.

How important is mythology in our lives? Does it have any role to play, at all? Does it affect our everyday lives in anyway? To know the answers to these questions, one must go through the 'Deliverance Of Sarpa Meru'.

Rakesh Menon's second novel will take you on a trip to a tiny island that is said to have sprouted 'out of a sage's mystical powers.'
It is packed with unbelievable characters, extreme villains and twists and turns, that makes it un-put-down-able.

A good story, is one, that has a message to offer to it's readers. This book strongly hints against violence and religious discrimination, which are both prominently harming the positive development of Indian society.

If you are looking for a good mythological thriller, this book will satiate you like none other.

Blurb Of The Book:

A tiny island sprouts of a Sage’s mystical powers. An eight-headed snake but puts a claim for the island. Who will blink first in a face-off between the sage and the serpent?

A society that evolves from the ethos of a great soul. Can they sustain in the island which is often rocked by external influences? A thriller set on the backdrop of modern, evolving energy wars and its repercussions on this side of the globe. Will this little nation be sandwiched in the emerging power equations of the world? 

A story which takes you through the intricacies of secession-ism which ruins social peace all across the planet. A tale of human relations which thrive against all the societal barriers. Mythology, passion, love, deceit, modern warfare, all woven into one seamless futuristic imagination.

Book  Trailer:

Buy The Book:
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