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Angel Hall

Sports Spread Betting – A Beginner’s Guide

Angel Hall

If you are a sports enthusiast, you’ll be excited to know that you can now get involved in your favourite sports to a higher extent. You may be familiar with fixed odds betting, but the new buzz word is ‘Sports Spread Betting’. It gives you a wider choice of markets and better opportunities for in-plays. You have the chance to close or open bets during a live match, either to increase profits or limit the overall loss.

The Basic Idea Behind Sports Spread Betting

While punters are most excited about fixed odds betting, a new form of sports gambling (a good one) has been gaining popularity over the years, which is known as Spread Betting. Sports spread betting deals with a much larger scenario than just a win or lose outcome. While the risks are higher so are the rewards.

A ‘spread’ is quoted by the sports spread betting organization and depending on that the punters would predict the outcome of the sports event. They have to predict whether the outcome would be higher or lower than the ‘spread’ which is already quoted and buy or sell depending upon their predictions. So if the sports betting companies quote that England would make 250-260 runs in a particular cricket match, the punters would predict whether the actual outcome will over higher or lower than that. The profit or loss is calculated by the stake (as specified by the punter) multiplied by the difference in points.

Sports Spread Betting Strategies to Win

Spread betting is not for those who wish to have an adrenaline rush; it is for people who are serious about making profits. To get involved in spread betting you will have to do a lot of research in a disciplined manner and then play the bets to make a profit. The people quoting the ‘spreads’ are professionals and in-depth knowledge about the sports along with comprehensive statistics to aid their decisions. So you have to be very witty while placing your bets.

Some strategies that will help you make huge profits are mentioned below. You’ll be in a better position to win the next time you get involved in sports spread betting.

Don’t Place Bets in Haste: This is one mistake that many newbie make while supporting their favourite teams. If you are betting for team games, wait until the last moment, to be in a better position to make a decision. There may be last minute changes in the team and the best players, on whom you rely the most, may be out of the game for some reason. If it’s a live event, it is recommended to watch the match for some time before placing the bets. This will allow you to estimate the outcome and you’ll know which way the game is heading.

Selling Better Than Buying: punters are more prone to buying rather than selling because of some obvious reasons, which are:

  • They love adrenaline rush since buying involves a lot of action
  • They are biased towards a team they admire.
  • They support star players rather than the less popular ones
  • Selling means more loss than buying
The spread betting organization is well aware with this trend and set the prices accordingly, so that they do not make huge loss. Some punters have sensed this policy of the sports betting organizations and have turned into sellers. This is mostly because selling a losing team or player can be more profitable than buying a team or player that have chances to win.

Ignore Hype: It is quite evident that people get influenced by hypes, but a more rational thinking can make more profits. Ignore the media, match commentators, etc and concentrate on the present match. In many situations, matches have drastically changed due to performance by top players, so believe in your gut feelings.

Educate Yourself: Know the rules before you place a bet. Many bettors have been over-confident and have made huge losses. So familiarize yourself with the rules and nay upgrade that have been in the recent times.

So if you want to make substantial profits, make sure you know the markets well and register with a sports spread betting company that believes in transparency and offers the best rates. Enjoy the sports while you make profits with spread betting!

Author Bio: Joana Hall is an expert writer and pro in the field of sports spread betting. She has many eminent articles on sports picks, sports handicapping, MLB betting and such.

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