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Santosh Kumar

Facts on internet uses all over the world !!

Santosh Kumar
There is around 40% percent of the world’s population who are using internet that includes you and me too: ). In the last two decades Internet technology has changed the way we see the world.

Want to know how many people are online just like you – Just 2,405,518,376(more than 2 billion) and its growing by almost 10 people per second.
Percentage of population using the internet – as of May 2013.

North America – 78 %, Europe – 63% , Asia – 27% , Africa – 15%

Yes ! We all want to wired in – People are using internet as they shower or take bath. We are using internet for many of our needs.
Use of internet in percentage –
Research- 62%
Travel reservations-43%
Social media-20%
Jobs -45%

Shocking facts –

Emails -Over 140 billion sends and received every day. Did you get one of them today!!!
Google Search – over 5,922,000,000 every day. Sorry I can’t count zeros for you. : )
Social Media – Facebook users spends 640,000,000 minutes every day. That is 1216 years.
You tube – 133 million hours of videos are being watched every day.
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