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Casinator Com

10 Poker Strategies Novice Poker Players Should Start Using Now

Casinator Com

Avoid making these common poker mistakes. 


If you want to master the game of poker and come out on top every time, then you need to keep reading this guide. These strategies are used by poker “masters” everywhere and could have you laughing to the bank rather than crying at the lawyer’s office. 

1: Betting more doesn’t mean you’ll win more. 

Yes, that’s right. Contrary to popular belief amongst most beginners, betting more doesn’t guarantee you anything except for a possible loss. The action gets exciting and you want to be part of it, but you must be patient when starting or it’ll be over faster than you started. 

2: If you know you’re going to win, then hit ‘em hard. 

Unless you are 100% sure that you’re going to win, don’t try this at home kids. Everyone gets good and bad hands, but plan accordingly. Do not plan to win on a bad hand, learn when to cut your losses and lose a little instead of a lot. When you have a good hand, try to get as many of your opponents chips as you possibly can.


3: The art of bluffing. 

A well-crafted bluff will have players with weaker hands forcing players with stronger hands to fold. But, you must be careful with bluffing. There are no rules saying that you have to bluff. It can be a useful tool in helping you win big when playing against specific opponents, but it could also leave you in the poor house when not used correctly.  

4: Don’t stay in your hand because you played some chips. 

A lot of players make the mistake of staying in a game they know they’re going to lose because they played their chips. Mitigate your losses once you realize you have a bad hand, and go out. 

5: Having a bad day? 

When you’re having a bad day, don’t play a game of poker. Nothing will change and your bad day could go from bad to worse. Need I say more here?

6: Become a people watcher. 

Whether you’re in the game, or just watching, study your opponents carefully. You could learn their strategies and use it against them to win big. 

7: Play according to your opponent’s plays.

Read your opponent’s plays and adjust your plays accordingly. For example, if you notice that your opponent is playing tight, then raise more.


8: Vary your game. 

Your opponents are watching you just as much as you are watching them. If change up your game, it’ll throw them off make you a lot less predictable. You can react in different ways when getting your hand, vary your thinking times, or changing your bet sizes. 

9: Don’t overestimate yourself. 

While you might be winning at smaller bets, that doesn’t mean you should dive-in with all fours. Play according to your skill level and try to be the strongest player at your table. It’s better to build yourself up slowly and learn along the way. 

10: Learn from the past.

Once your games are over, reflect on your mistakes and learn from them. Analyze your hands, good and bad, and see where you could improve. Write those things down and try to implement them into your next game. wants to thank you for reading this guide. See you at the table! 

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