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Ahona Das


Ahona Das Book reviewer and editor

'DELIVERANCE OF SARPA MERU'  by RAKESH MENON  from PATRIDGE PUBLISHERS, is an imaginative tale spun around an island that has supposedly sprouted out of a Sage's mystical powers. A land put to danger by religion and saved by humanity.

It narrates to readers, a thrilling story that keeps one guessing until the end. Though, based on mythology, it has it's contemporary touch, as well.  Packed with extreme villains,  unbelievable characters, eccentrics and manipulators, this book is an absorbing page-turner. 

Menon's writing has a graceful, old-fashioned quality that makes every page irresistible. Fluent and easy English is only a bonus to readers. Though, not a cliched love story, it deals fairly with relations and complications of life. The blurb invokes interest fairly well. This book points out the prime reason behind the upsurging violence and Communism. So, in every way, this book is faraway from the stereotypical. 

Menon's message against violence and religious discrimination was clear, and his effort is to be reckoned.

  A must read for us, Indians, who are still bound by the shackles of religious discrimination. 

MY RATING: 3.5/5

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