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Bucka Baybay

under appreciated and under paying job

Bucka Baybay

  Being a custodial worker can be hard sometimes because it's a job that most people don't want to do. Some agencies see a custodial job as an low class job, however,  that low class job is what keeps your business running. So don't fail to recognize that you are paying minimum wage to the person that's keeping the integrity company.

  I want to give a huge thanks to the custodians, housekeepers, etc. I call you, "hygiene technicians". Had it not been for you, there would be no company. I appreciated your work.   You're probably asking yourself, saying how is it that a custodial job keeps the integrity of the company?  Well, ask your self this question:

Would I rather work in a facility that's clean, or dirty?

or I don't care.

Me, I rather work in an establishment that's clean where i can bring my kids to enjoy whatever it is that I'm enjoying.  So, the next time that you see someone picking up after you, rather than view their actions as peculiar, instead thank them for their service.

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