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Alex Lewis

Knowing About Jiu Jitsu Gi

Alex Lewis

The uniform used in Jiu Jitsu competitions is known as Jiu Jitsu Gi or Kimono. By using a heavy jacket and reinforced trousers, this uniform is put together. This uniform has been adapted from the standard Japanese martial arts uniform. A mandatory part of the uniform is a cloth belt, which also gives out the rank of the wearer. Kimono Jiu Jitsu Gi is the name for the complete outfit or the jacket only. In international championships, the colors allowed are Black, blue, and white.

The white Kimono Jiu Jitsu Gi is the required uniform to be worn by white belt rankers. But after achieving the blue belt rank, the choice of uniform color depends upon the wearer. Sizes A0 – A7 are available for Kimono Jiu Jitsu Gi jackets.

The best Jiu Jitsu Gi uniforms should come with the below given features:

  • Cotton or any fabric similar to cotton should be put to use and the products should neither be thick nor hard.

  • The length of the jackets should reach down to the thighs and five centimeter should be the width of the lapel.

  • Even when the arms are raised or pushed forward, the sleeves should reach up to the wrists.

  • The belt’s width should be four to five centimeter, and should match the practitioner’s rank. It should be snug and tight enough to secure the uniform when tied in a double knot at the waist.

  • Denim, strong cotton, or canvas should be the material used for Kimono Jiu Jitsu Gi pants, with further reinforcement at the knee area.

Mentioned below are the different varieties of available Jiu Jitsu Gi jackets

  • Single Weave Cotton: Preferred in training in hot weather, they are light, easy to wear and affordable.

  • Double Weave Cotton: The more expensive variety, they are made from more than one fabric and are heavier and harder.

  • Gold Weave Cotton: This gives the benefits of both the single and double weave variety. It offers the lightness of a single weave and the toughness of a double weave.

  • Ripstop Fabrics: Very durable and tough, this variety is made from polyester, cotton, silk, etc.

The laudry for Kimono Jiu Jitsu Gi should done in cold water. To avoid shrinkage, it should be line dried. To make a perfect fit, the best Jiu Jitsu Gi are available for purchase in pre-shrunk condition. Sun light and UV rays are harmful to the integrity of the uniform, so it should not be exposed to sun light and UV rays. The uniform should be quick to dry and fully breathable.

The best Jiu Jitsu Gi uniforms last for many years and continue to remain comfortable. High precision and quality are two of their additional features. One can find a variety of patches and embroidered logos on the uniforms. Multicolored stitching, different colors in inner and outer collars, and intricate prints in the interior are some of the additional features of Jiu Jitsu Gi uniforms.

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