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Alex Lewis

Dry and Comfortable With Antiperspirants

Alex Lewis

Antiperspirants are a smart way to strike at the root cause of sweating and its associated foul odor. By influencing the sweat glands, antiperspirants ensure a comfortable feeling even in hot weather. Moreover, with antiperspirants it becomes easy to remain dry and presentable even during a prolonged session of work.

For people who suffer from excessive sweating, using antiperspirants is a great way to reduce sweat induced discomfort.

The underarms, which are the biggest sources of sweating and thereby the target area of antiperspirants, happen to have to type of sweats glands, the apocrine and the eccrine. The number of eccrine glands is huge, and therefore, this gland produces the highest amount sweat in the body.

Ingredients such as aluminum salts mix with the sweat and produce a chemical reaction which leads to the creation of a gel like substance. This gel-like substance works to physically plug the sweat glands and prevent sweat from coming to the surface of the skin. This way, antiperspirants help in reducing sweat and remaining dry. After a period of time, depending upon the capability of individuals brands, the plugs come off and so does the effectiveness. Bathing also washes away the gels produced by the reaction of aluminum salts with body sweat. Just a reapplication of an antiperspirant solves the problem and provides the body with a guard against sweating.

In some quarters there is an apprehension that antiperspirants interfere with the natural cooling process of the body. This fear has no basis because the body continues to produce sweat in hot conditions; this production does not get affected in any manner. Antiperspirants only stops sweat from coming to the surface of the skin. They do not, in any manner, interfere with the production of sweat by cells in the body.

Apart from aluminum salts, antiperspirants contain a number of other constituents such as conditioners, alcohol, fragrances, antimicrobials, etc. These constituents do not form a necessary package for every antiperspirant — some brands may or may not have them, but they are useful for a variety of reasons.

Conditioners keep the skin smooth and soft; antimicrobials limit the effect of bacteria in producing foul odor, fragrances mask foul odor and provide a fresh feeling, and alcohol kills bacteria.

In addition to all the above benefits, antiperspirants have a very positive effect on mood. The freshness provided by antiperspirants goes a long way in inducing a state of calmness even in hot and sweaty conditions.

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