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Honora Williams

Driving For Joy And With Safety

Honora Williams

Some people love driving as it gives a sense of freedom and excitement. Other people seem to derive great benefit despite not knowing why. Whilst other people should perhaps not drive or don’t enjoy driving due to the need to remain concentrated at all times. Driving is like moving around in a house, with all the conveniences of the house intact. We all enjoy the flexibility and freedom to transport our selves from A to B. With continued development in technology, driving has become more pleasurable, cars have become faster and smarter.

An important segment of this caution and care is the provision of a vehicle first aid kit inside the car, truck, or whatever moves us around. The essential element of driving is speed — speed which is faster than walking and running and which is fast enough to get us to places without much of an effort. This speed, if not in control for whatever reasons, becomes a reason for accidents and injuries. Even with the best skill under command, a driver can meet with an accident, along with the passengers. But should this possibility stop us from driving? No, of course not! Has any difficulty or obstruction stopped the human race from moving ahead? No, we have always learnt to equip ourselves with the right solutions and have moved ahead with better preparation.

Same is the attitude involved in vehicle first aid kit. With the best equipment under the bonnet and with a steady hand, the pleasures of driving become even greater. In a place like Australia, with such open spaces, it is great to have the assurance of a well-stocked vehicle first aid kit snugly fitted in the vehicle. A vehicle first aid kit in Australia, America, or any other place in the world, can not only be used for personal injuries, it can be of such a great help to any other person in trouble. Helping a fellow traveller can be the difference between life and death, particularly in remote areas.

A vehicle first aid kit should ideally have the following features to be effectively useful:

  • Should be easily accessible inside the vehicle even after an accident

  • Should be luminescent enough to find even in darkness

  • Should be colour coded for different types of injuries

  • Should be contained in a water proof and strong box

  • Should essentially contain equipment to deal with a variety of emergencies, fire included

  • Should contain instructions for use

  • The medicines and equipment should be within the given period for safe use

With the ability to help ourselves and others, the excitement from driving gets even better. So strap on the kit bag of first aid and head of wherever your instinct takes you.

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