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Ahona Das

~ HERE'S YOUR CHANCE to win a copy of 'Deliverance Of Sarpa Meru' by answering a simple question~

Ahona Das Book reviewer and editor

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"Do you think our mythologies influence our society in any way? How?"

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Ritam Chatterjee
Ritam Chatterjee Our mythologies describe the Earth when it was young and people cared for the Earth more than today. In present times, not many people actually feel Nature, or find the urge to connect with it. Indian mythology, in my opinion, could show us a way to "return to Nature" as it were, that too at a time when we should be concerned about the harm that we have already caused to our environment. Our mythologies can be a source of inspiration for us to feel and conserve the purity of our Earth.
07/09/2015 14:28:22
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Arpita Subhadarshini
Arpita Subhadarshini A person's ethics and character are not tested in good times. It is only in bad times that a person shows how steadfast he is to his Dharma.If mythology was to be so informative, so amazing and interesting, I wish I could have lived in that era of mysteries and unbelievable secrets. It creates an everlasting impact on our minds. Myths get reinvented & rationalised being a perfect blend of fiction, fantasy, reality and a speculative history.The sense of freshness is the testimony of religions miracles with science. It is the tale of that spiritualism and virtue by which we Indians have grown with a logical twist and a well researched palette of history on God. So there is a lot to learn from that we all have the potential to fulfil our destinies by following the path of righteousness. It has an everlasting impact on the society about love, karma, righteousness. The karma is important and not the caste, creed, sex or religion
07/09/2015 14:28:19
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Prasad Yes. Definitely, mythologies influence our society.
we have been learning so many things from mythologies.
It has always remained so helpful to us. It helps to meet us life circumstances, leading us dark nostalgia to lighted relishness, telling us about behaviourism.
It takes us to the way of advancement, providing strength in our life, showing us pathway from sadness to happiness and encouraging us.
Ancestors used to tell the mythologies to their childrens. We have learnt and have been keeping one moral in our mind generations by generations.
"Truths always win against the Lies"
That is what, make us choose true side in any situation of life hence, it has impacted greatly our society and still impacting.

07/09/2015 14:28:09
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