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The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

Jj Jj PhD

Cost: based on the number of students and bound to unspoken terms

  • There must be something going on at this campus that is not anywhere else because I am shocked to see these reviews. Somehow this administration managed to piss off its students so much that they are making untrue statements. I cannot believe that anyone would charge 60-72k a year for a masters! And that anyone would pay it. Unless it's an MBA from a top 20 school, that makes zero sense. You can't start and end the year with a 12k difference in TUITION. Isn't there a per credit fee of less than 1k and a financial aid packet? Isn't the masters degree only 36 credits or so for the entire program? The only thing I can figure is that a few people are very frustrated by this school and they are the only ones who choose to use Yelp. I checked the ratings of my undergrad institution, UPenn, as a point of reference and realized that angry people will def make their case online, even at the most highly regarded institutions. 

    If you know you are in a field that requires APA accreditation, why would you attend a school that doesn't have it? No matter what you are told, you know the facts and the risks associated with that. The school is totally wrong if it didn't at least start the APA application process, but I thought a school has to graduate a few classes before it can even apply? Surely anyone who did their homework would have known they were being lied to about the first class having APA accreditation and would have moved on. Maybe the rules have changed, but unless you see evidence of something, you are taking a massive risk. That's like attending a Caribbean medical school and being angry you can't find a residency in the US.

    I was a masters student of the online campus and am going to complete my doctoral degree at the DC campus. Before starting with the online TCS campus, I was an online student at NYU for two semesters. I have to say that the online TCS campus is great. I was assigned a student services rep who made several inquiries both before and after my application. She also checked in on me mid-semester to make sure everything was going well and to update me on new policy. The school makes a lot of effort to make sure students are engaged and aware of resources like GoToMeeting and online academic resources. The financial aid staff was very helpful and responsive. There has always been someone to talk to and they walked me through my financial aid when I had questions. Yes, I was annoyed to realize that I had to submit the enrollment verification myself to each of my lenders, but they sent it one day after I requested it and filling out a few forms and faxing them is not a big deal. At NYU, they were happy to let me take out upwards of 50k a year in a combo of stafford and PLUS loans. TCS has strict caps, and held several webinars to explain the financial aid process and help you track your debt and ask them questions.

    I was surprised to realize that the online courses do not have a live class component like my NYU classes did. Meaning that they are mostly based on forum postings and assignments and not live lectures. I def prefer because I have a very demanding full time job and like not being tied to yet another long meeting each week, but I can see where a lot of people would hate that. You could have a horrible professor and not know it. Also, if that is not your learning style, you could def struggle with that amount of independence. I do feel like I am learning a great deal and am very happy with my education, but I am already well established in my field and am pursuing this for myself, not to be licensed. It's sad that a place with so much potential for greatness is really struggling to keep its students happy with their choice to attend.

  • My wife goes here as well. She's afraid to speak out against the school as it notoriously punishes those who do so. They promised her APA accreditation, then pushed it back...then pushed it back...then pushed it back. Now they've decided this year to no longer even try for APA accreditation which makes her Psy.D. quite useless. The teachers seem to continuously lie. They claim one thing to her in person, and then when asked again tell her she's crazy and that they never said such a thing. They have no empathy for the students, and only one thing seems clear. Above all else they want her money, and they will keep her in that school as long as legally possible to squeeze out every last penny.

    The most laughable part about this entire travesty, is that this is a school for PROFESSIONAL PSYCHOLOGY!

  • Adam M.

    My Wife goes here and it is possibly the most frustrating thing for me to watch... This school is honestly a huge scam. I really don't know how else to put it. They will charge you INSANE amounts of money for these classes (well over 200K for the Masters program after interest) and you "professors" are in the PHD program. what is that? I am not saying that they have some legit teachers and a few students teaching, I am saying that nearly ALL of the teachers are students.   

    Let me be very clear about this, the teachers are HORRIBLE. The faculty is HORRIBLE. 

    We just found out today that they didn't report to my Wife's Fed-Loan for our students loans that she was still enrolled and taking classes. What this means is, now Fed-Loans thinks that we are no longer in school, and that our loan is no longer differed. When she emailed the school faculty, they said this was HER responsibility.... are you kidding me? so we pay 60K per year before taxes for you to have students teach classes for $10 an hour... NOT submit proper paperwork to Fed-Loans and have absolutely zero leadership at the helm...   

    When my Wife attended a "town hall" meeting with the Dean of the CA campuses, she asked when all of the grandiose things that were promised in admissions would be taking place... such as observation rooms on campus, real life experiences etc etc, and what did the Dean tell her? he said "if you would like to see these things happen, than you should initiate them yourself and start them up yourself".... really? THAT is your answer to the student that is paying TOP dollar to go to this school? oh, and we just found out today thru some super vague email, that the Dean stepped down....   

    Please, trust this frustrated husband, DO NOT go to this school... I am a smart person... seriously TRUST ME...

  • Heather C.

    I attended the blended program utilizing the Irvine campus as I enrolled in the Clinical Forensic Psychology PsyD program. i was very disappointed. First off, the classes are very highly priced with tuition rising every semester. I started the beginning of the year at $60k/year tuition and ended the year at almost $72k/year tuition. This doesn't include books or testing supplies, mind you...that's extra. 

    The admissions and dean at the time promised APA accreditation at this campus but right now the only APA credentials are held at the campus in Chicago, Illinois. They don't extend to these campuses. The classes are well organized and for the most part, I had some great teachers so I can't complain about that. However, outside of that, it was all complete chaos. Financial office gives you the run around because 9 out of 10 times, you speak with a student rather than staff member. Practicum sites are not available to students outside of the city limits so I had to find my own (I lived in San Diego and drive the 90 minutes to Irvine campus, so a practicum site in irvine wasn't feasible). The advisor was truly not helpful.

    When working on dissertation, the chosen "chair" member (who accepted the position, mind you), rarely returned any type of communication. This is a huge process and without any support it is damn near impossible. You want to transfer your credits in? Good luck...they promise one thing and often do another.

    Bottom line is this...they make a lot of claims and promises but rarely follow through on any of them. I transfered to a different school after the first year.


    Do not even think about this school.  I wonder if the teachers truly have real degrees.  The dean...Dr. Pyles..major EGO...and has a chip on his shoulder.....if you question anything you will become an outcast. He will make sure that you get the run around and end up at the school longer than you need to. I have not met a person who is happy with this program.

    Do NOT believe anything this school and it's staff tells you.  Talk to current students and you will see that I am being truthful, and read all the reviews on all the forum.  It is pretty scary!  Save your money and go elsewhere!!!!!

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  • A Z.

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    If you're thinking about coming here: DON'T. It's not APA accredited, the faculty (with no experience in finance or economics) will advise you to take out in excess of $200,000 in student loans, faculty will be mixed like at most grad schools, but the low end of their spectrum is REALLY low. 

    Faculty and administrative errors during my stay included: not having enough assessment kits for classes regarding psychological assessment, not having teachers ready for the first day of class, hiring IMHO highly incompetent faculty and staff, and spending tens of thousands of dollars every year on new technology that was never used. 

    They also lied to the incoming students at the time saying that the program would be APA accredited by graduation, but that was technically impossible because the APA review program requires years of data from graduated classes to make its assessments. So, negligence, incompetence, or potentially fraud? I don't know. 

    For a not for profit educational system they also spend an awful lot of money on big screen TVs and yearly corporate paint jobs which compared with industry standards probably cost in excess of $40,000. 

    The faculty also seems to turn a blind eye to student loans some students already had or would have by the time of graduation (in excess of $450,000 @ 8% compounded annually) which seemed more like an afterthought to them, but has very real implications for the lives graduating students can and can't have after graduation. We're talking ability to have enough money for kids, houses, or even the interest payments on student loans. 

    Further, the practicum process they had in play when I was there was a joke. They put someone in charge who wasn't capable of meeting the objectives for all the students, that then got passed off to other people who couldn't do the job, it was just horribly mismanaged and can't be reasoned away by "every school has administrative issues" because those same people that couldn't manage practicum were the same people saying it was AOK to take out $500,000 in student loans against a market that will soon be flooded with therapists who came from low quality institutions such as this one. 

    Also what was great was the people that they had MOVE TO LA, who then had a majority of their classes online. 

    Oh, and hiring students who'd just taken an assessment course at one campus and turning around and sending them to teach another class at another campus, such a great move! Why pay someone with their doctorate to teach the students we're collecting $200-300 per class from when we can pay $15-20 to teach those students. Not for profit, d'okay!

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