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Ies Master

Tips to Structure Your ESE 2017-18 Preparation

Ies Master

It is very important to make the right decision and follow the right path when you are aspiring to crack the ESE exam. Once you have cleared the ESE Prelims, it becomes even more important for you to stay focussed on your goal, and not to allow the opportunity slip from your hands. As the time of the ESE Mains exam approaches, the focus of an ESE aspirant should be on meeting specific goals and that too within a specific period of time.

At the last moment, it becomes important for a candidate to structure his preparation instead of just going in a haphazard manner and get confused. Here are some tips that can help you boost your overall strategy to meet your objective of clearing the ESE exam with good result.

Revision of the entire syllabus: If you covered the entire syllabus, then revising the entire syllabus is equally important. You should plan your balance time in such a manner that you can easily revise the entire syllabus before the doomsday. Once you have revised the complete syllabus, you can go to the exam hall with the required confidence to take the ESE exam. Apart from referring subject specific books, you can also opt for ESE exam preparation books to get all the relevant study material at one place.

Follow a time table: It is always a better strategy to prepare a timetable and follow the same while preparing for ESE exam. This strategy of preparing for ESE in time slots is applicable to all competitive exams as by doing so you can concentrate for a longer time on the subject that you are studying. This focused approach would also benefit you while writing the ESE exam.

Make a strategy to answer the question paper: While writing the ESE exam, you should keep in mind that you are competing against time. A single minute wasted can cost you dearly, and can have a negative impact on your overall performance. Therefore, make it a point to not to waste a single moment on questions that you are not confident about. Attempt a question only when you are damn sure about the answer, or else proceed to the next question.

Do not play mindless games: Make it a point that playing guess games while answering questions in an ESE exam can cost you dearly with the marks that you have earned by answering questions correctly as wrong answering in ESE exam results into negative marking. So, do not try your luck while taking ESE exam.

Choosing the right coaching institute: When searching a coaching institute for ESE keep in mind that the institute should help you meet specific goals within a set period of time. So, look for an institute that specialises in this.  At a coaching institute you would be assisted in improving your performance and development of specific skills. Most of the best coaching institutes for ESE have their own planned study programme to meet specific goals. You can decide to choose while taking admission itself. A good coaching institute can help you instil in yourself a positive attitude to learning while providing flexibility in the learning process.Now is the right time to enrol in any of the ESE coaching institutes as admissions are open for new session.

Hope that these tips would be enough to help you gain an upper hand over the rest ESE aspirants.

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