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Medical technology


The need for a new paradigm in heatlhcare and social services is glaringly obvious. The indicators are: abysmal record for leveling the playing field for each and every individual to contribute meaningfully and honestly to the common good, equally abysmal record for coordination, communication and follow-up with special regards to but by no means limited to psychiatric care and the treatment of medically unexplained symptoms, incredibly strong hospital system and a languishing primary care system,

    4.increases in life style related diseases,

    5.increases in hospital infections, and

    6.lacking use of technology that can make primary care and attandant home care the standard treatment scheme for most patients.

Do you think it sounds like pie in the sky to fix all of this? The practical and compelling roadmap has been concieved and is written in Managed Care in a Public Setting. Get your copy today!

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Address : Tyttebærvej 26, Silkeborg, Denmark 8600 

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