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Jacob Barnett

Team Building In The Corporate World

Jacob Barnett

In a corporate environment, why exactly is the word ‘team’ always stressed upon? Why is it important to be a ‘team’ player when employees are generally assessed on individual terms? The answer to these questions lies in the word ‘TEAM’ itself. If expounded, it means ‘Together Everyone Achieves More’. Team work is absolutely crucial for a business’ success, as an employee’s genius alone, will not solely decide the success of a project. One of the means of ensuring that workload is shared, conflicts are resolved and a healthy camaraderie exists among employees, is through team building.

Why Is It Essential?

Team building in a corporate environment, helps nurture open communication between the employees and aids in improving professional and personal relations, which is eventually reflected in the quality of work produced. Breaking the ice amongst each other, will help employees overcome differences and will help drum in the right attitude for work. Also, when people are put together in a group and are made to communicate, they will be able to discern each others’ strengths and weaknesses and will be able to capitalize on the strengths of each employee, to maximize productivity. The joys of open communication, building trust, resolving conflicts, networking and making the workplace more enjoyable, are all possible through team building.

How Can A Company Achieve This?

Fun Activities

Activities are a great way of opening all lines of communication, strengthening bonds and reinforcing cohesiveness with coworkers. By means of regular games or stress-busting activities like ‘collaborative artwork’, employees get a chance to let their hair down, work together and bridge any communication gaps in the process. Sporting events are also another way of ensuring that employees get chances to vent out their stress while unconsciously or consciously working to improve their team building skills.

Team Offsites/Outings

Team outings/lunches/dinners are golden opportunities for employees to open up to one another, professionally and personally. Getting acclimatized to each others’ personalities is a great way of reducing misunderstandings at work and is a good way of keeping the bond between teammates and coworkers strong.


Team building is seldom complete without discussions or meetings. Getting employees to open up and give their opinions on a subject and seeking suggestions can not only make them feel valued but will also ensure that all employees are on the same page for a particular task, and thereby, reduce the chances of conflicts.

As the Swahili proverb goes, “A boat doesn’t go forward if each is rowing their own way”. By means of team building, employees can go a long way in terms of better relations, higher productivity and commitment towards the growth of the company. If you are looking for a truly unique Art Experience for your team, please swing by to learn more about our innovative Team Building Workshops.

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