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End of Commercial Lease - 5 Issues and Solutions by Business and Commercial Leases solicitors Burnley


Getting use of commercial property under a term of agreement can involve more complicated issue - commercial leases and contracts can has over 50 pages of articles that can have an economical affect on you, and it can be not easy to fully underside specific rights you may have. There are descriptions of most important issues that may take place when your leasing contract is on the point of end, along with a small number of solutions.

1. I want to put my business on sale, but my leasing contract has more or less run out, and I won't be able to search a buyer while there is a small amount of time left over to end the lease.

Seek guidance right away from business and commercial leases solicitors Burnley! A good number of business leaseholders have a right to claim a new lease with their property owner.

2. I want to refresh my lease contract; but the property owner is claiming that I admit a normal lease that has quite a few restrictions on me.

The security of term procedure is designed to provide security to leaseholders. Property owners are only able to revise the conditions of the lease if it is refreshed in very limited conditions.

3. I need to leave the property because my land owner has issued a notice on me to finish the lease contract.

Try to get legal suggestion right away from business and commercial leases solicitors Burnley! In some conditions, a property owner can end a lease contract when you have violated the terms of the contract. In whatever way, this part of law is mostly complicated and there are, in many cases chances for leaseholders to claim relief.

4. I can end my lease at any time. I issued a notice to the landlord although because the date written on the notice was not correct, I know that the notice is not applicable and I will need to keep on paying rental fee.

Chances to end a lease agreement with this method are not very easy and guidance should be taken prior to executing them. In whatever way, the law does defend the leaseholders and there is chance that your notice might still be applicable despite the fact that the date on the notice was not right.

5. I am running a club and we take the properties on rent. Our lease agreement ends in 3 months time and I have got notice from the land owner that we must leave the property by this date seeing that the land owner can get a good rent from a different commercial leaseholders.

Despite the fact that you are not a commercial group, you will almost certainly have security of lease terms because you will be considered as a 'business leaseholder'. As a result, the landlord will need to present you as a minimum 6 months notice along with the legal reasons for possession. The possibility of getting a better rent is not a legal reason.

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