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Marie Karner

JOSEPH ASHONG, Ghanaian drummer, DEADBEAT dad

Marie Karner

For those who are planning to attend the drumming party at Jack McKenzie School this Saturday, June 13, 2015, before you spend your hard-earned dollar, keep in mind you're going to give your money to a DEADBEAT dad, Joseph Ashong. He has children living in Ghana that are starving and going without the basic necessities of life (= education, clothing, food, medicine, shelter, etc., etc., etc.), and he has a daughter in Regina that he sees maybe once a year, and only when it is convenient for him, like when he's meeting with Joanne Crofford or his other little drumming buddies.  DON'T SUPPORT A DEADBEAT DAD.  Stay home. Or, better yet, go out and spend the money on yourself.  Joseph Ashong doesn't spend his money on what should be his priorities:  his children.  JOSEPH ASHONG IS A BAD MAN.   YOU HAVE BEEN MADE AWARE.  Call Mrs. Hinz at Jack McKenzie School and let her know she should be bringing in better people than JOSEPH ASHONG to work with your children.

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Marie Karner
Marie Karner I should have mentioned that he has a wife in Ghana too. Did you know that Kim Ashong? You're Joseph's 4th wife, and he's still got a wife in Ghana. Kim, I can show you a letter from Joseph's dad. Better yet, I will post the letter for all to read. Shame on you, Joseph Ashong, DEADBEAT DAD.
06/09/2015 05:30:55
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